Stichting Fly Aware Foundation

A non-profit foundation, Stichting Fly Aware aims to be an information- and knowledge centre making it possible for people to start every flight fit and full of energy. Apart from this the Stichting is a source of information for health problems, which might be caused by traveling by airplane. In short, an information point for professionals and frequent flyers.

Information is obtained from (scientific) research and contacts with doctors, therapists, cockpit- and cabin crew and frequent flyers. All this experience and knowledge will be pooled and shared, and used to develop treatment protocols. From this point of view we invite everyone who will be able and is willing to contribute, to contact us at Stichting Fly Aware.

Aviation has many challenges which can be of influence at ones health situation. Being aware of this, makes one well prepared to do their job or to travel. We believe in prevention and will spread this. Prevention starts with awareness. By advising we’ll bring this to life.